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September 03, 2009


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Certain self interested individuals made a political choice in Concord. Not only did they maimed, they likely killed any chance of success might have in the market. Long live HPNA 4 !

Rich Nesin

Well Bob I don't know what company you are with, what your interest in home networking is, or what your enigmatic comment means - and I think you should make your affiliation public if you want to comment like this. has been clear about keeping the standard on a fast track. That's not politics. At least some of the companies at the meeting that proposed major changes to have been involved with it for years and shouldn't have been surprised by the negative response of around a dozen other companies. I agree, let the market decide.



The article " No Slam Dunk With Service Providers" just posted on the "Light Reading" website explains my comment. Its a real shame that the ITU let politics rule in only to hurt

Rich Nesin

This reminds me of the wireless LAN technology "wars". Way back in the 1990's, when wireless LAN was a niche product, there were two IEEE spread spectrum standards vying for success: frequency hoppers and direct sequence. The direct sequence crowd was developing 10Mbps 802.11b technology. The frequency hoppers, faced with a bandwidth that limited their maximum data rate, developed a new frequency hopping scheme that required an FCC rules change. The direct sequence people cried foul.

In the end direct sequence won out - but they won by developing more desirable products and bringing them to market sooner. Ditto for 802.11 versus HomeRF. So let's do what we always do and let the market decide.

I (and I imagine others) would really appreciate it if you included your company or organization when you post a comment on this subject. It's easy to attribute self serving motives to your comments.

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