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December 19, 2008


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Chano Gomez

Hi Rich,

You are right when you say that the final choice of an FEC (Forward Error Correction) scheme for was a contentious one. For months, proponents of the two main choices (LDPC and CTC) submitted hundreds of pages of performance simulations and carefully reviewed each other's contributions to find any flaws.

This peer review process was really productive: flaws were indeed found and fixed, which means that the final proposals were even better that the original ones.

I think that the final decision has been a very good one and provides a good FEC scheme that will work very well across all three media targeted by

Other "compromise" proposals that were discussed at the last minute, such as choosing one FEC scheme for powerline and a different one for coaxial cable, would have fragmented the market and would have discouraged silicon vendors who wanted to implement support for all three media in a single chip.

Chano Gomez

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