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October 02, 2008


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Just wonder what makes you think that b-star is cableco? I'm living in shanghai for years, and there is only one cable operator called ocn ( which is using docsis technology to deliver broadband service.

Dany Michaelis

You are right, B-Star is a system integrator providing the full IPTV solution. B-Star was also selected to implement a test installation of IPTV in a small area of Shanghai. For this istallation they have selected HPNA to carry the IPTV service over the exsisting coaxial cable in the building.


Dany Michaelis

B-Star is expected to enlarge the installation and since it had selected HPNA it will install additional, a lot of additional, homes with HPNA.
In addition B-Star is leveraging its knowledge and is promoting its MDU solutions elsewhere. In this case B-Star, as a leading system integrator and solution provider, is promoting HPNA and offers it as an attractive solution to cablecos which do not want to run the full investment of DOCSIS but still need to deliver broadband.
B-Star, being involved in the national laboratory program and leading the IPTV implementation in China, is the Chinese market leader and trend setter in IPTV delivery. Its adoption of IPTV signifies how HPNA can be used for MDU solutions in the competitive Chinese market

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