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October 07, 2008


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I think HPNA 3.0+ is one of the hidden gems of the tech world and one of the most under-reported stories in the tech press.

I had very positive experiences with HPNA 2.0 at home. Wireless is much hyped, not only it has security risks and uncertainty about long-term health effects, it's also a pain to configure.

I personally have laid out Cat5e cabling to every room, but it took me two years to have everything setup properly. I woudl have probably saved a lot of time and effort just by reusing the existing 2-wire phone cabling that was already available.

I just wish that there were more widespread availability of HPNA adapters, which for instance down here in South America are very rare and virtually unknown.

Now, I recently stumbled upon an interesting device I had never seen before: a "video gateway" (receiver and transmitter) using HPNA. It simply received a composite video and audio signal in one small box, delivered it over HPNA and on the other side a similar box received the content over HPNA and modulated analog video on the other side.

I thought it was a great application for security cameras, where analog is still king due to the low cost. (even if the signal is then digitized for storage).

Best regards and keep the good work with this blog.



By the way... you should really offer a Feedburner link so that we can subscribe to this blog's RSS feed over e-mail.

Some of us still prefer the good old Inbox rather than using a RSS reader.


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